Hey! I'm John.

I make lots of stuff, including websites, Discord bots, and game plugins.

Stuff I've Made

EssentialsBot (archive)

An easy to use and very powerful Discord bot with moderation, action, Reddit, and fun commands.

Pre-made PHP Functions

A PHP library full of random functions that I thought would be best added to PHP.


EXILED2/3 SCP:SL Plugin that divides bulk permission nodes into single permissions.


Open source desktop MP3 player built in Electron.


A simple program for detecting touch screen input on the 3DS. Displays the X and Y coordinate or your stylus.


EXILED SCP:SL Plugin that lets you easily create simple-to-use and powerful events for your server.

BSA Troop 107's Website

The official website for Boy Scout Troop 107 (Chattahoochee Council).


An easy to use, self-hosted, customizable Discord bot that anyone can set up easily.

Web AdvancedBan

Ban panel for the Spigot plugin AdvancedBan. Created with Express and Node.

Languages I use

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C#

Want to commission? Reach out to me on Discord @ Johnodon#3520